You love Portland, tell us why.

Open Call for Submissions to Volume 3

Our Portland Story is always seeking submissions for the next edition of the book (Currently Volume 3). Submit a story (a paragraph to a page in length) describing ONE aspect of Portland that you love, or that makes it interesting or unique to you. Topics could be: a detail of your favorite neighborhood, a person who epitomizes Portland, an iconic beverage, a restaurant, a historical reflection, or a particular event. Be sure to focus in on one topic rather than give an overview with many ideas. We are looking for a wide range of submissions that capture many different aspects of the city in this place in time—funny, smart, touching, trendy, etc. Your submission may also include an image—a photograph, art piece, or anything that illustrates your text submission. Be bold. Be creative. Be Weird. After all, you are a Portlander.

Each accepted submission will be granted a full page in the book, where your image and text will be matched with other graphic elements to create a fully designed page.

The final book will be in full color. You will be notified if you are chosen. Keep in mind your name will be used on your page and the content will be published online as well as included in print. Please take a moment to read the Terms of Submission.

Any questions or troubles email:

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